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Williams F1

Few weeks ago, at the beginning of our project class. We headed over to the Qatar Science and Technology Park opposite Education City, to meet our Project client in the office. We met Damien Scott (manager) and Joseph, who introduced us the technology used in Williams F1 cars and the Simulator. Unbelievable, I love what they do! So we group of girls in this project class requested to Damien Scott to meet Sir Williams and he said “We’ll try” . We girls were so excited and hoping to meet him in person.

YESTERDAY, Sir Williams, the founder of Williams F1, came over to our Williams F1 Exhibit Presentation by surprise! He came when the last team, my team, about to present our project. I can’t believe it really. I feel its a bit cruel that my professor didn’t mention it earlier. He got a huge grin on his face. Surprise!

Sir Williams is a very nice, funny and kind man. We all girls would agree on that.


p.s I’ll post pictures up later! :)

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